Andrew LeBlanc is a writer and programmer. He lives in New York city where he manages a rooftop garden and searches for strange new foods to eat.

Here are some of the things he works on:


EverRibbon provides a simple way for small causes and individuals to raise money online. Causes are provided with a page where they can describe their cause, share it with people they know via social media, and collect donations via credit cards and bank accounts.


EverButton provides small businesses and organizations with simple payment buttons where the entire payment experience will happen on their own site. All they need to do is copy and paste a simple embed code and they are 100% set up to accept payments online.

Adjective For

Adjective For lets you find all of the common adjectives for a given noun. We parsed sentences from sources like Wikipedia and NYT to create a mapping of nouns to adjectives, ranked by how often the pairings appear.